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Sun: Full to partial

Moisture: Dry to medium

Height: 2-4'

Bloom Time: July-September

Bloom Color: pale blue

Genotype: Winona, MN (shares a Level II ecosystem, Mixed Woods Plains, with Southeastern Michigan).


The light-violet flowers of this pretty fall aster attract a range of native bees and butterflies. It is a host plant for the Wavy-Lined Emerald moth and the Asteroid moth. Of the five plant communities most prevalent in eastern Washtenaw County prior to 1800 (Dry Southern Forest, Dry-Mesic Southern Forest, Mesic Southern Forest, Oak Barrens, and Southern Hardwood Swamp), this aster is associated with the one most approaching a prairie, the Oak Barrens community.

Symphyotrichum laeve (Smooth Blue Aster)

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