Sun: Full, partial

Moisture: Medium wet to wet

Height: 6-10'

Bloom Time:

Bloom Color:

Genotype: Southwestern Michigan.

Indigenous interactions: In the Great Lakes area, the Meskwaki are the fruit fresh and cooked them into a conserve; the Ojibwa also ate the berries fresh and dried them for the winter. The Meskwaki used the inner bark of young shoots as a purgative, and the Ojibwa made an infusion of the roots to use as an emetic. The Meskwaki also used the branches to make squirt guns and pop guns as toys (Moerman, 1998).


This moisture-loving shrub produces tall, arching branches crowned with large flat white flowerheads that transform into clusters of glossy dark purple berries--a favorite of birds. 

Shrub: Sambucus canadensis (Elderberry)