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Sun: Sun to shade

Moisture: Dry to medium

Height: 12-36

Bloom Time: Apr-Jul

Bloom Color: White

Genotype: Southwestern Michigan.

Indigenous interactions: Chokecherries were extensively used by indigenous people. In the Great Lakes area, the Meskwaki made the bark into a beverage and ate the fruits raw. The Ojibwa used twigs to make a beverage, and dried and pounded the fruits for food. The Potawatomi ate the fruit and also used it to flavor wine. The Meskwaki, Ojibwa and Potawatomi also used the plant for a wide range of medicines. (Moerman, 1998).


Chokecherry is ornamental, with fragrant white flowers in spring, and provides food and habitat for wildlife. Host plant for the Columbia silkmoth. Recognized by the Xerces Society as of special value to native bees. Good for erosion control.

Shrub: Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry)

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