Sun: Full, partial

Moisture: Medium-wet to medium-dry

Height: 4'

Bloom Time: September

Bloom Color: Yellow

Genotype: Ypsilanti Township, Washtenaw County.

Indigenous interactions: In the Great Lakes area, the Meskwaki made a lotion from the flowers, to use for bee stings or swollen faces (Moerman, 1998).


One of the showier goldenrods, this attractive plant produces a compact flat head of tiny yellow flowers which provide vital resources for insects late in the season, including butterflies about to migrate. Goldenrods as a group are the top keystone species in Washtenaw County, as they support 136 species of butterfly and moth caterpillars (Tallamy, 2020) that provide food for a range of other animals, and support a healthy food web. 

Oligoneuron rigidum (Stiff Goldenrod)