Sun: Full, partial

Moisture: Medium to wet

Height: 6-9'

Bloom Time: Aug-Oct

Bloom Color: Yellow

Genotype: Winona, MN (shares a Level II ecosystem, Mixed Woods Plains, with Southeastern Michigan).

Indigenous interactions: In the Great Lakes area, the Meskwaki used the petals to make a poultice for burns (Moerman, 1998).


Research (Tallamy, 2020) shows that the Helianthus genus is one of the best "keystone" species in terms of providing support for lepidopterans in Michigan, exceeded only by goldenrods and asters. Species of this genus provide resources for 80 lepidopteran species that include the Burdock Borer Moth, Common Looper Moth, Frothy Moth, Giant Leopard Moth, Gorgone Checkerspot, Isabella Leopard Moth, Painted Lady, Ruby Leopard Moth, Sunflower Moth, Sunflower Borer Moth, Sunflower Bud Moth, Tiger moth, Yellow Wooly Bear Moth, and others. The flowers also offer resources to many native bees, and grasshoppers, treehoppers, and spittlebugs.

Helianthus grosseratus (Sawtooth Sunflower)