Sun: Full to part

Moisture: Medium to dry

Height: 3-4'

Bloom Time: July-September

Bloom Color: Orange and deep rose

Genotype: Winona, MN (shares a Level II ecosystem, Mixed Woods Plains, with Southeastern Michigan). lists purple coneflower as an extinct native and (due to subsequent plantings) as adventitious to the state; it's included in this nursery because it's a good "gateway native" that those new to natives can painlessly include in their gardens, due to its showy flower and tidy habit. The plant is quite attractive to butterflies--the sight of a large black or yellow swallowtail or monarch perched on the orange and purple flower is stunning! Later in the season, small birds like to peck out the seeds from the spiny flowerhead. The Xerces Society recommends this species as "highly attractive to pollinators" in the Great Lakes region.

Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)