Sun: Full, partial (blooms better in full sun)

Moisture: Medium to medium-wet

Height: 1'

Bloom Time: late May to June

Bloom Color: White, sparkling over green leaves

Genotype: Winona, MN (shares a Level II ecosystem, Mixed Woods Plains, with Southeastern Michigan).

Indigenous interactions: The Ojibwe people in the Great Lakes area consumed the root to clear their throat in preparation for singing in a medicine lodge ceremony. The leaves were also used for nasal hemorrhages, bleeding sores, and wounds, and the roots for a poultice or infusion for wounds  (Moerman, 1998).


Sun-shade, medium-wet to wet. This pretty native ground cover can fill in your problem spot with dainty white flowers floating over geranium-like leaves. Spreads to fill a target area. A beautiful native alternative to non-native vinca or ivy. Blooms May-June; white.

Anemone canadensis (Canada Anemone)