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About the Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery

The YNPN specializes in growing flowers and grasses indigenous to Washtenaw County, especially plants of the oak-hickory forest, oak savanna, hardwood and ash swampland, and wet prairies once typical of the Ypsilanti Township area. Our seed stock is sustainably wild-harvested and provided by regional, state, and eco-regional growers. Our long-term goal is to provide 100% local wild genotypes. What does this mean, and why is it important?


Indigenous genotypes represent the best-adapted, most genetically-diverse local strains of wild plants, evolved over millennia. We presently offer plants with Ypsilanti, Michigan, and matching eco-region genotypes. We record the origin of all of our seeds.

The YNPN offers custom plant mixtures, garden kits, and individual plants. Don't see a native plant you like on our plant list? Let us know at and we will add it to our propagation stock. Have a question? We'd like to hear from you!

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