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Opening Day May 22
Preorders open May 15

 Several seeds available now; please check the shop!


Native Perennials

YNPN plants have Great Lakes, Michigan, Washtenaw, or Ypsilanti genotypes (and one oddball from South Dakota). Over 100 flowering plants range from the dainty Allium cernuum, or nodding onion, to the giant Angelica atropurpurea, said to be Michigan's largest plant. Whether your conditions are sunny, shady, wet, or dry, we can provide plants that enhance your yard and offer food, shelter, and host plants for insects and birds.

purple love grass.jpg

Ornamental Perennial Grasses

We offer a range of native grasses and sedges. Grasses are host plants for many butterflies, provide architectural and winter interest, can "frame" flowering plants, and add multisensory appeal with motion, texture, and sound, from the late-summer purple mist of Eragrostis spectabilis, or purple love grass, pictured above at a YNPN-designed Ypsilanti butterfly garden, to the bronze beauty of Sorghastrum nutans, or Indian grass.

About Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery

Our state-licensed nursery specializes in rain garden species appropriate for Washtenaw County, as well as plants for sun, shade, and drier conditions. All of our plants are propagated at our nursery from seed from local and ecoregional native seed producers or local seed sustainably wild-harvested. Contact:

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